Hello there! My name is Jess, and I am a 29-year-old social worker who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I would like to share a little about myself. 

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I created this blog back in 2016, for the sole purpose of having an outlet. I have focused mostly on styling and sharing details about my everyday outfits that I would wear to work. Since the pandemic, I shifted more to outfits ideas with clothing that I have purchased. Since a young age, I have always loved fashion (even in my tom boy years). I would always try and create different type of outfits from the clothes I had. Even when I’ve had travel opportunities, I had created some style guides. Also, since moving out on my own, I also shifted to showcasing my home design. 


Even though this space is an outlet and something I do for fun, I hope that I can inspire people, as well, whether it is sharing a cute outfit, new décor item, or inspiration for ideas or tips. 


Since I’ve moved out on my own, I’ve enjoyed creating a wonderful and cozy space, and finally be able to dig into what I love about design. I would always watch Trading Spaces, or other home renovation shows growing up, and that has carried over to HGTV and finding design inspiration on Pinterest.

My current home design style is mainly mid-century modern. There is something about the 1950’s and 1960’s that have always drawn me in, especially regarding design.  Although, I would say my home design style also has hints of modern, farmhouse, and trends, to not make it dated.

Some areas that I want to highlight moving forward is my love for audiobooks and podcasts, and share recommendations, in addition to some of my other activities and hobbies that I love.  


My style has shifted over the years. I have always loved staying up to date on fashion trends, however, have shifted more towards basics over the last few years. My go to “colors” are usually neutrals. Black, white, cream, brown, tan, etc., but I do love a good bold look. Whether it is floral, or some type of color (usually green or red). Since the pandemic, I have certainly shifted more towards comfort. I always tried to be as comfortable as possible, and really do not want to wear clothes that are uncomfortable, but lounge and leisure wear has taken over my closet. I am always looking for a good deal, and some of my favorite stores are Target, Old Navy, and H&M. I’d love to invest in some quality pieces, as well.


Travel is something that I enjoy, so much. Although I don’t get opportunities to travel too often, I have wonderlust heart and have so many desires to travel all over the world.  If I ever get an amazing opportunity, I want to be able to share my experience and maybe add a place on your bucket list of a place you want to go to.  When I went to Europe back in 2019, writing my blog posts after the fact was almost like I was writing in my diary. So, I was able to share with everyone my experience, but I also have a place to look back to for memories.

On My Bucket List

Travel to Every Continent
Places I’ve Been To:






Top Destinations On My List


Amalfi Coast



Visit All MLB Ballparks
Places I’ve Been To:

Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois

Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri

Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Illinois

Petco Park in San Diego, California

Top Destinations On My List

Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts

T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington

Visit All National Parks
Places I’ve Been To:

Gateway Arch

Top Destinations On My List





Mount Rainier

Grand Canyon



I am from West Michigan, and am close with my family, and desire to stay in this area. I graduated from Grand Valley State University with my undergrad and graduate degree, and my day job is as a clinical social worker, working as a mental health therapist. Since my job can be stressful and difficult at times, I have normally found an outlet in my writing my blog. Other outlets or activities I enjoy are going for walks, listening to podcasts, listening to audiobooks, crocheting, spending time with my niece and nephew, and of course SHOPPING! I also enjoy checking out new restaurants or visiting my favorites. I have been gluten and dairy free for over nine years and love to continue to explore all the great options that have come along over the years. Give me a taco and margarita, or a good gluten free pizza and I’m usually good!


For promotional and business collaborations, or for any personal questions you may have, you can reach me at fellowfashionista@gmail.com, or through my Instagram.

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