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  • Everyday Outfits


    MONDAY March 11th I am a sucker for good deals. I had come across this snake print midi skirt on H&M and…

  • Everyday Outfits


    This week was COLD. I did not go to my internship this week, and braved some icy and snowy roads…

  • Everyday Outfits


    SaturdayOctober 27th Today I went out to the apple orchard. Since it was in the 40s/50s I chose to make…

  • Everyday Outfits


    MONDAYApril 16th This tunic length sweater can easily pass as a dress, it can be tucked in, or worn with…

  • Everyday Outfits


    MONDAYFebruary 5th I chose a ruffled light sweater from Target’s new brand A New Day. I tried this sweater on…

  • Everyday Outfits


    I’m feeling some 90’s vibes, and that has carried out in my outfits all week! MONDAYJanuary 29th To start off…