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    MONDAY January 20th I wore an oatmeal colored sweater from Banana Republic Factory I got around the holidays. Similar sweaters…

  • Everyday Outfits


    SATURDAY December 7th I wore a brown brushed knit cardigan, with balloon sleeves, from Forever 21. Unfortunately the color is…

  • Everyday Outfits


    MONDAY October 14th To start, I wore a new mock neck fine-knit green sweater from H&M. This sweater is EXTREMELY comfortable,…

  • Everyday Outfits


    Happy New Year, Everyone! I took the last two weeks off of writing since I was dog sitting, and I…

  • Everyday Outfits


    Hello All! It’s been a busy month so I have not been able to write any blog posts. I have…

  • Everyday Outfits


    MONDAYApril 23rd To start off my outfit, I chose this coffee colored [dusty pink I like to call it] lapel…