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    MONDAY February 11th To start, I wore a pair of white high waist, wide leg, palazzo or culotte pants. I bought…

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    This week was COLD. I did not go to my internship this week, and braved some icy and snowy roads…

  • Everyday Outfits


    MONDAY January 21st To start, I wore a tan ruched sleeve blazer from boohoo. Similar blazers can be found here, and here. I just…

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    I love pink, and own a lot of different pink items that I could probably do a whole month worth…

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    MONDAYDecember 11th I wore a black and white shift dress from Banana Republic Factory. The day I bought this dress,…

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    All Day Comfort

    Comfort, oh how I love a comfortable outfit. Especially a comfortable outfit that you could wear even after getting home…