Personal Life December 31, 2021

Goodbye 2021

Goodbye 2021, it’s been a year. Looking forward to what is to come in 2022.



Since the pandemic started, but specifically this year, I embraced a fresh face more often. My nephew also had pizza for the first time, and he LOVES it!


Watched the nephew and fur nieces for a long weekend with my mom, in February. We had lots of pjs and cuddles during the weekend, with an incredible laugh.


I bought a BRAND NEW 2021 Subaru Forester! This is my third Subaru, so I named it Tripp.


I had been wanting to learn how to crochet, and finally made the plunge to learn in April. My mission was to learn the stitches so I could crochet an Afghan with a pattern my grandmother made.


Las May I reflected on a year of health and exercise growth following an injury the previous May.


I took a week off of work, and went to the zoo with the nephew.


I made a lot of head way on the Afghan pattern my grandma used.


Went to California for my friend Emily’s weeding, put my feet in an ocean for the first time, participated in goat yoga, solo trip to San Diego and my niece was born!


I had a lot of cuddles with my new niece and dinner with friends.


My friend Angel and I went on a sporadic trip to Cleveland for a Harry Styles concert, and later in the month went on a zoo trip with the niece and nephew.


I enjoyed thanksgiving with the family. Thankful we were all healthy!


For Christmas, I gifted my dad an Afghan. The second I had completed in the year.


Throughout 2021, I feel in love with audiobooks again, and listened to 205 books throughout the year. Says it’s 75,000+ pages, and not sure how much time that actually was.

Book Recommendations That I Read in 2021


Here’s to 2022. Although there were difficult times throughout 2021, I am trying to focus on the positive aspects to get me going for the new year. I have a history of becoming obsessive about goals, so I’m focusing on relaxation. No resolutions. No lifestyle changes. Just work to be as happy as possible! ❤️

Happy New Year!

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