This page will be updated frequently to show items on my Poshmark with items that I have worn in a past blog post.

As I’ve probably addressed in previous blog posts, I LOVE to shop, but that also means that I run out of room pretty quickly! So I decided to add some pieces that I am ready to part with on Poshmark.  To find out more about Poshmark, look at their “About” page here


Floral Maxi (Poshmark) (Blog)

Floral Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)

Sleeveless Button Up Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)

Poncho (Poshmark) (Blog)

Floral Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)

Floral Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)

Striped Button Up (Poshmark) (Blog)

Button Back Detail Sweater (Poshmark) (Blog)
Infinity Scarf (Poshmark) (Blog)
Floral Toms (Poshmark) (Blog)
Combat boots (Poshmark) (Blog)
Batwing Kimono Cardigan (Poshmark) (Blog)
Batwing Kimono Sweater (Poshmark) (Blog)
Floral Swing Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Velvet Swing Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Cropped Bell Sleeve Sweater (Poshmark) (Blog)
Brown Oversized Sweater (Poshmark) (Blog)
Split Joggers (Poshmark) (Blog)
Floral Applique Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)
LuLaRoe Amelia (Poshmark) (Blog)
LuLaRoe Carly (Poshmark) (Blog)
Geometric Asymmetrical Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)
Striped Flats (Poshmark) (Blog)
Polka Dot Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Cut Out Knit Top (Poshmark) (Blog)
Sweatshirt dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Sleeveless Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)
Tiered Sleeve Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)
Criss Cross Bodysuit (Poshmark) (Blog)
Midi Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Floral Jumpsuit (Poshmark) (Blog)
Floral Shift Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Long Sleeve Swing Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Swing Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Black Shift Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Long Sleeve Shift Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
White Short Sleeve Button Up (Poshmark) (Blog)
Velvet Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Striped Cardigan (Poshmark) (Blog)
Floral Knit Top (Poshmark) (Blog)
Eyelet Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Velour Sweatshirt (Poshmark) (Blog)
Black Overall Pants (Poshmark) (Blog)
Black Overall Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Coral Striped Tee (Poshmark) (Blog)
Gray Relaxed V-Neck Tee (Poshmark) (Blog)
Black Ponte Pants (Poshmark) (Blog)
Pink Joggers (Poshmark) (Blog)
Ruffle Pencil Skirt (Poshmark) (Blog)
Royal Blue A-Line Skirt (Poshmark) (Blog)
Light Pink A-Line Skirt (Poshmark) (Blog)
Red Pleated A-Line Skirt (Poshmark) (Blog)
Navy Pleated A-Line Skirt (Poshmark) (Blog)
Tan A-Line Skirt (Poshmark) (Blog)
Plaid Trousers (Poshmark) (Blog)
Houndstooth Pixie Pants (Poshmark) (Blog)
Polka Dot Ruffle Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Boho Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)
Black Jumpsuit (Poshmark) (Blog)
Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (Poshmark) (Blog)
High Waist Skinny Jeans (Poshmark) (Blog)
Boyfriend Jeans (Poshmark) (Blog)
Striped Fit and Flare Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Off The Shoulder Floral Dress (Poshmark)
Maxi Dress (Poshmark) (Blog)
Camo Button Up (Poshmark) (Blog)
Off The Shoulder Floral Blouse (Poshmark)
Two Piece Floral Cropped Blouse and Skirt (Poshmark) (Blog)
Lace Sleeve Blouse (Poshmark) (Blog)
Black Joggers (Poshmark) (Blog)
Boho Off The Shoulder (Poshmark) (Blog)