Everyday Outfits March 10, 2016

Jean Jackets and Red Lips

Spring and Fall are my two favorite months. I feel that I can wear “fun” clothes, but also have layers.

The skirt I am wearing is a pleated, high-waisted, a line skirt from Amazon.com. I have this skirt in many colors, because it is stylish, and comfy! The “brand” that I bought my skirt from was Vikoros, but I could not find the exact “brand.” A similar skirt (that seriously looks like the exact same skirt, it really may be) can be found here. The wonderful part of wearing a skirt, is that many outfits can be created.

Today, I chose to wear a simple white, round necked , t-shirt (from Old Navy), with a jean jacket that I bought years ago at American Eagle. This look made my skirt not look too professional, but still a work appropriate.

Similar t-shirt’s can be found here, here, and here. Similar jean jacket’s can be found here, here, and here. I think there are many staples that people should have in their closet, and a white t-shirt, and a jean jacket both should be included in your closet!

The earring I chose to pair with my outfit I found at Franchesca’s many moons ago. I paired these earring with my outfit, due to the navy middle. I chose to pair a red flats from Amazon.com, and red lip tint from Too Faced to bring out the red in the earrings.

I chose to wear my royal blue, Fitbit Flex bracelet, in exchange of my typical black bracelet (remember to buy the acutal Fitbit Flex), to bring out the blue in the earrings. I do not hve a red or bright green, but those colors would have also worked for this outfit!

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