Everyday Outfits March 16, 2016

Matchy Matchy

I LOVE to match my outfits. Matching does not always mean wearing all the same color.

So from an out, a pattern of some sort works best for the base of matching. I decided to wear a floral scarf from H&M as my base. My scarf is a navy blue scarf with burgandy, green, lavendar, white, and red in it. This can create numerous options for matching. A similar scarf can be found here and here.

To start matching, I chose to pair burgandy fleece tights, that I received in my Stitch Fix order. The brand of fleece leggings are MTLA Kristin Fleece Leggings. The only place I know where to get this brand, is through Stich Fix. For similar fleece leggings, look at past posts.

Stitch Fix…where to begin. Well do you love clothes and fashion? Do you like to go outside the box? Are you a risk taker? Well if you are or are not any of these things, Stitch Fix is a re-invented shpping method where “Clothes and accessories hand-selected by a personal stylist, [are] delivered to your door.” Who doesn’t love a little mystery? My next “fix” is scheduled for March 28th! I cannot wait to receive my next “fix,” and show you all! If you are interested in Stich Fix, click here.

Well…back to matching! To match the green from the scarf, I paired my favorite green utility jacket with my burgandy leggings. I LOVE this utility jacket! I have already created numerous outfits with a single piece of clothing. The utility jacket comes in khaki and navy, as well. I have been tempted to buy the navy jacket….we will see. When I have my eye out for an article of clothing, I will either keep going back to it in the store or eventually forget about it. I have already looked at it 3 times in the store (which is Target, and I do go to Target often).

I paired a white, flowy top from Amazon.com. This top is super soft, and comfortable! I highly recommend this shirt (I have it in black, also).

To complete my outfit, I paired brown ankle boots from Target. Similar boots can be found here, here, and here.

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