Everyday Outfits March 26, 2016

Woot! It's the Weekend

It is Friday, which means I have the next two days off!

I wore a pair of Rockstar jeans from Old Navy today. I have a mid-rise jean, but you need to get a pair of jeans that you are comfortable in. The Rockstar brand from Old Navy is suppose to suit many different body types. They may work for you, they may not. It is important to try on any piece of clothing that you buy (you can return them as well…hello, online shopping!) because every person has a different body type, and a piece of clothing can look completely different on a different person.

I wore a mustard sweater from Old Navy, and rolled up my sleeves, since it was a nice day out! Similar sweaters can be found here, here, and here.

The scarf I have on brings out the mustard in the sweater. I bought this scarf from Charming Charlie’s a few years back, but similar scarves can be found here, and here.

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