Everyday Outfits May 12, 2016

You'll Be Seeing This Outfit Again

I am in LOVE, and it is with this dress! I came across this dress on shein.com, an online clothing website (that I stumbled across on Pinterest), and I had to get this dress. I had never ordered anything from the website before…and to be frank, sometimes websites just don’t work out…luckily there were plenty of reviews for the items I purchased, and I am thoroughly happy with my purchases.

I got so many compliments on my dress, from my co-workers, to random strangers on the street, these compliments just reassured me that this was a right purchase (because I needed it…let’s be real, I have a slight shopping problem).

I would ultimately say that most of my inspired fashion looks come from Pinterest…or TV shows/movies, but Pinterest has something physical that I can pin and look at again. If you do not have Pinterest (they’re might be some people still), I highly recommend it, for fashion ideas, wedding ideas, home ideas…you name it, there’s probably something on there…I mean I do have close to 11,000 pins. I found a pin of a long, floral, maxi dress. It was not the same one I have on (although, I did find the dress after I bought it), and then found a shirt I liked, which led me to the shein.com website (I also bought the shirt…I’ll be wearing it soon). I saw this dress and knew immediately I had to have it, so I put it in my shopping cart, after debating what to buy (I had numerous things in my shopping cart), I decided on this dress and a few different tops, and a faux leather skirt. So if you’re looking for this adorable dress, that I am sure you will get compliments on, it can be found here. Similar dresses can be found here, and here.

As for accessories, I added a thin, brown, belt, to separate the maxi dress. Similar brown belts can be found here, and here. To go with the theme of brown, I wore a pair of ankle, gladiator, sandals from Target. Similar sandals can be found here, and here. My earrings are from Premier Designs, which you will need to find someone selling this jewelry or hosting a party. Further information can be found here. Similar earrings can be found here, and here.

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