Everyday Outfits May 20, 2016

Casual Thursday Outfit

I believe that not all “casual” outfits have to include blue jeans. I only say blue jeans, because I am wearing a pair of black jeans. If one knows how to “dress up” a pair of non-blue jeans, I completely feel that it can create a perfect “business casual” outfit for work.

As I’ve said before, I like to focus on one thing in an outfit, whether that is a color, pattern, or accessory. Today, I decided to focus on a color, and that color was olive green.

I initially had a pair of olive green Pixie pants from Old Navy on (I was so focused on this color, this morning). I just wasn’t feeling the fit of the pants this morning, with the blouse that I am wearing. I then decided to put black jeans on, and followed up with my olive green cardigan, and shoes.

Blouse: here [Old Navy] (similar: here, here)

Pants: here [Target] (similar: here, here)

Cardigan: [Old Navy] (similar: here, here)

Shoes: [Aerie] (similar: here, here)

Handbag: here [Target]

Earrings: here (similar: here, here)

Lipstick: here

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