Everyday Outfits June 25, 2016

Lady In Red

Summers are a great time for weddings. There is beautiful, warm, weather. A feeling for more “vacations,” which means if you’d like to take off an extra day of work for a wedding (especially if it is out of town). Summers also mean wearing dresses, without the worry of covering up with a jacket, sweater, etc.

I found this dress on Pinterest, as I find many of my inspirations. I saved this pin, and frequently looked at it. I clicked on my pin numerous times, opening up cupshe.com to look at the dress, debating, “should I buy this?” Beginning of May came around, and I eventually purchased it. As I often know with websites I find on Pinterest, it can take a few weeks for this dress to be shipped, so I wanted to ensure it got here in plenty time. I even forgot I ordered it at one point, telling my mom, “I’m just gonna wear a dress I have to the wedding.” Five minutes later, as I was shopping with my mom, I remembered and told her, “whoops, I bought a dress.” Well the dress came, and it was too big! That is always one downfall of not being able to try on clothes before purchasing the item. I had purchased the dress through Amazon from Cupshe, and that wouldn’t let me login, so I emailed them, and they sent me a new dress! Now I was sitting here, waiting, hoping that the dress would arrive. I arrived about a week before the wedding, and I was elated that the dress fit!

I rocked this dress. I feel when we are self-confident in how we look (from the articles of clothing we wear), we will emit a very confident, sexy (when it comes to a red dress), persona.

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