Everyday Outfits August 9, 2016

Blazer Vibes

There comes to a point during a season (whether it is Summer, Fall, Spring or Winter) that I start wanting the next season to be here. Part of that comes with clothing options. I love that I live in Michigan, because I can wear so many different types of outfits ALL year long! As August has come, I’m starting to get the itch for Fall. I LOVE Fall, it is my favorite season, and I love the fashion options that come with the Fall season. So I am getting an itch for sweaters, and long sleeves (hence the blazer). Luckily this blazer is linen, and is very light!

I truly believe this blazer can be worn year long (well if you happen to be in air conditioning during the summer). This linen blazer is from Old Navy. I also have this blazer in navy, because, hey, it is super comfortable! Similar tan blazers can be found here and here.

I paired a simple white t-shirt underneath my tan blazer. The white shirt I have on is from Amazon.com, but similar t-shirts can be found here, and here,

I chose a pair of olive green/army green skinny pants to pair with my tan blazer and white t-shirt. These pants are from Old Navy, and are the Rockstar style. I love the Rockstar pants from Old Navy, they are super comfortable, cute, and can fit everyone! The nice thing about this outfit, is that I can change the pant color, change the blazer color, change the t-shirt color, maybe add a pattern, etc. Similar pants can be found here, and here.

Recently, I found these tan sandals on clearance from Target. They are super cute, simple, and easy to slip on. If support is something you need, these are probably not the shoes for you. Similar shoes can be found here, and here.

As I for jewelry, I kept it simple with two long necklaces. Similar necklaces can be found here.

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