Everyday Outfits September 1, 2016

Same Look, Different Outfit

I cannot believe that it is already the end of August! Where did this summer go?!

I wore an overall similar look, that I have recently begun to love. A simple blazer, blouse, skinny trousers or jeans (past blog posts, here, here, here, and here). This is the fifth time that I have worn a similar look, but they were all different outfits. That is what I love about simple articles of clothing. So many different options and variations. Don’t get me wrong, I love m prints and patterns (see my shoes and purse today), but neutrals and solid items in your closet are always great to have!

Today, I wore my tan blazer with a pair of navy blue Pixie pants, both from Old Navy. I paired a solid, coral blouse from Target to give my outfit a pop of color! Navy blue and coral are great combinations, and I decided to find two different patterns that illustrated those colors. I paired navy and tan flats with a Vera Bradley purse with accents of coral and navy. I topped off my look with a layered necklace, with a navy pendant, from Charming Charlie’s, and my Fitbit flex bracelet wristband from Amazon.com.

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