Everyday Outfits September 2, 2016

Can I Get Some Blue?!

Hello Friday! I am looking forward to the long weekend! Nothing big planned, but it is always refreshing to have a three day weekend, and then knowing you only have to work four days the following work week!

This week has held a whole lot of navy! I use to never wear navy, but I cannot get enough of it, now! I feel the same way about gold jewelry. I NEVER wore gold jewelry 10 years ago, ONLY silver, and now, I feel I wear more gold jewelry than silver. It is funny how things change change, in the slightest.

My navy, polka dot, blouse is from Stitch Fix. For more information on Stitch Fix check out this past blog post. This blouse was in my fix a few months back. I also just received a Stitch Fix order yesterday (for fall), but those items will come when the weather is a bit cooler. Similar polka dot blouses can be found here, and here. This blouse is also a split back, which I find super cute! Similar split

back blouses can be found here, and here.

I always look forward to Friday, because yes it’s almost the weekend, but also because I get to wear jeans to work! I love being able to wear jeans, and create casual outfits. Today, I wore a pair of skinny jeans from Target. These jeans are super stretchy, which makes wearing them very comfortable! Nothing better than a comfortable pair of jeans!

I wore white accessories today. My sandals and necklace are both from Target. I purchased both items years ago. My white sandals are still available at Target (they are a super popular style, and have been coming back year after year). Similar necklaces can be found here, and here.

I kept my lipstick very neutral today. I am wearing Revlon’s ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor in Unlimited Mulberry.

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