Everyday Outfits September 7, 2016

At It Again

It is amazing how one change in an outfit can make a huge difference.

I wore a similar outfit a few weeks ago (check out this past blog post), but today, I did not wear a blazer, and added a scarf. That is pretty much the difference.

Today’s outfit includes a pair of green mid-rise Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy, with a striped boyfriend tee, also from Old Navy. I paired brown accessories with my outfit, including a brown scarf from Charming Charlie’s, a brown cross body handbag from Target, and [not pictured] brown flats from Target. I wore large, gold, earrings from Premier Designs, and a gold bracelet wristband for my Fitbit Flex from Amazon.com.

For my lipstick, I chose my favorite NYX’s liquid suede cream lipstick in soft-spoken.

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