Everyday Outfits October 17, 2016

Adding a Pattern

Overall, my outfit is similar to these past outfits (here, and here). The main difference, is that I added a floral, printed scarf. I do love mixing patterns, and mixing patterns

Today’s outfit includes a pair of green mid-rise Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy, with a striped boyfriend tee, also from Old Navy. Similar pants can be found here, and here, and similar shirts can be found here, here, and here. I paired brown accessories with my outfit. First off, I chose a skinny, braided, brown belt. I’ve had this belt so long, I do not even know where it is from, but similar belts can be found here, and here. For my footwear, I wore a pair of cognac brown booties that I recently purchased from JustFab (check out this past blog post for further details on JustFab). Similar booties can be found here, and here.

The floral scarf that made this outfit different than past outfits, is from Target. Similar scarves can be found here, and here. This black, floral, scarf has hints of burgundy, green, and blue within the print, and will be able to be paired with multiple outfits.

An easy way to start mixing patterns is to replace a solid color (i.e. black or white) with a monochromatic pattern in that same color (i.e. black and white stripes). So I essence, I have worn this black, floral, scarf with solid black shirts, and solid white shirts. So I replaced the solid black shirt or solid white shirt for a black and white striped shirt.

Lastly, I wore matching lipstick by wearing Revlon’s Matte Balm in sultry.

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