Everyday Outfits October 25, 2016

Casual to Business Causal

I’ve previously worn this outfit before, but kept it casual, as I was running errands. Today, for work, to create a more business casual look, I changed the type of shoes and accessories for my outfit.

For details on my past, casual, outfit, check out this past blog post.

It is starting to actually feel like fall, and is around the average temperature for the season, in Michigan. So today, I broke out my black fleece leggings! These fleece leggings are from Glik’s, and only $6! These leggings also come in fur!

With my fleece leggings, I chose a long sleeve, striped, tunic from Old Navy. There is a neutral stripe tunic, as well (I tried that one on, too, on a separate occasion, and did not like the fit of the neutral stripe). Similar striped tunics can be found here, and here.

With my outfit today, to bump my outfit to a business casual outfit, I chose a pair of riding boots from Younker’s. Similar boots can be found here, and here.

Instead of a long necklace, I chose a emerald green, floral, scarf from Target. I LOVE the color of this scarf! Jewel tones are my favorite, this green (with small, black flowers) can be paired with multiple outfits, and patterns. Similar scarves can be found here, and here.

Lastly, I chose a subtle, simple, neutral lipstick. I chose Too Faced’s La Matte’s “When In Doubt.”

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