Everyday Outfits November 28, 2016

…On This Rainy Day

Cold rainy day calls for a sweater dress, tights, boots, and a scarf.

My sweater dress (which is actually more like a sweatshirt material) is from Target. I’m going on almost 3 years with this dress, and I love it! I’ve gotten many uses out of it (I even wore this dress for my licence)! In addition to a very comfortable dress to wear to work, or out and about, it is also one of my favorite colors, MAROON. Similar dresses can be found here, and here.

With my dress, I wore black tights from Target, and black riding boots from Younkers. For tips on how to wear tights, and still be comfortable, check out my past blog post ‘Bring On The Tights,’ here. Black riding boots can be worn with so many outfits, and are great for rainy or snowy weather. Similar boots can be found here, and here.

I love to match items throughout my outfit. So from an out, a pattern of some sort works best for the base of matching. I decided to wear a floral scarf from Target as my base. My scarf is a black with burgundy, green, and white. This can create numerous options for matching. Similar scarf can be found here, and here.

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