Everyday Outfits January 10, 2017


As I’ve shown before, in previous blog posts, I love this outfit! I’ve worn this simple outfit (white button down, black ponte pants, and statement necklace) a few times in the past few months. It’s easy to put together, and is sophisticated. The only difference today, is I wore a different pair of ponte pants. For more details on my past outfits check out the blog posts here, here, here, and here.

The pants that I chose to wear today, came in my recent Stitch Fix order. For more information on Stitch Fix, check out my past blog post, here. These leggings, from Stitch Fix order, are from Lyssé. What makes these leggings extraordinary, is the zipper detail on both sides of the leggings. Similar leggings from Lyssé can be found here. Other similar leggings can be found, here, and here.

I paired my pants with a classic, sheer, white button up blouse. My blouse is from JustFab. This blouse is simple, elegant, and feminine. I love that this button up blouse’s length is that of a tunic, because in the future, it can be paired with leggings. Similar blouses can be found here, and here.

For my accessories, I paired an over sized floral statement necklace, “In Bloom,” which brings a bold, yet subtle statement to my outfit. I have been able to wear the necklace with multiple outfits. For my accent color I chose my favorite, maroon! First off, I used my maroon handbag from JustFab.

For my shoes, I wore a pair of black loafers from Target. Similar loafers can be found here, and here.

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