Everyday Outfits January 18, 2017

Summer Dress Into Winter Outfit

I’m taking my summer dresses, and using them for cooler weather.

First off, my summer dress is a polka dotted, for and flare dress from Stitch Fix. This dress is cute, comfy (mostly due to the stretch of the dress itself), and perfect for cool weather (in addition to summer weather, how it was made for). If you’re interested in what Stitch Fix is, check out my past blog, here. For similar polka dot dresses, look here, and here.

To take my polka dot dress from warm to cold weather, I added a white button up blouse, from JCPenney, underneath my dress. Simple enough. I find having a white button up in my closest an essential staple. White button ups can be worn with SO many different outfits. For similar white button up blouses, look here, and here.

With my dress, since it is a bit chilly here in Michigan today, I chose to wear black sheer tights from Target! I love tights, and I wear them so they are comfortable! Check out my past blog post on tips to wear tights comfortably, here.

I added a pair of black booties, from Target, to my outfit, for a chic look. Since it is not snowy, yet, I’m going to get as much use out of my booties (with holes in them) as much as possible. For similar booties, look here, and here.

So far, my outfit was very neutral with black and white, so I wanted to add some color to the mix. I decided on one of my favorite colors, maroon, for my accent color. I chose a thin maroon belt from Old Navy, a maroon purse from Old Navy and a maroon lipstick from NYX in vintage. For similar belts, check here, and here. For similar clutches, check here, and here.

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