Everyday Outfits January 31, 2017

Mixing Colors & Patterns

Although I like to match often, I like to play around with patterns, as well. I also try to plan by outfits ahead of time (look at the weather, what I haven’t worn in awhile, etc.). The keyword is try. I tend to think about outfits, and may have some idea, but when i put that outfit on the next morning, I find reasons to why I don’t want to wear the outfit. I also am not the greatest at looking at the weather (specifically what shoes I wear), but I try!

i decided to wear my striped, thin, sweater from H&M for the top portion of my outfit. Similar sweaters can be found here, and here. I do love this sweater, it is light enough that I have worn it with shorts, on a summer night, or with fleece leggings in the middle of the winter.

With my sweater, I chose to wear a pair of Rockstar jeans from Old Navy in Cowboy Blue. Similar pants can be found here, and here.

I decided to wear a floral scarf from H&M with my sweater. Within my scarf, there is a blue that matches my pants. Similar scarves can be found here, and here.

I wore a pair of nude flats from Target with my outfit. Similar flats can be found here, and here.

To bring out the maroon in my scarf, I decided to pair my maroon, velvet, purse from Old Navy. For similar clutches, check here, and here.

With my outfit, I chose a pair of neutral leather Nickle & Suede earrings.

Lastly, I wore Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Candy K.

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