Everyday Outfits March 16, 2017

All Day Comfort

Comfort, oh how I love a comfortable outfit. Especially a comfortable outfit that you could wear even after getting home from work!

Today, I chose this cute, and comfortable tunich, which was on clearance. This tunic was in the maternity section. NO JOKE! When I was looking at Target’s clearance section a month ago, this maternity item was mixed in with the regular clothes. I loved the rosy color, and had to try it on. I had noticed it was a maternity tunic, but it looked like it was supposed to be roomy anyways. Well I didn’t mind the loose fit, and purchased it. Similar tunic/dresses can be found here, and here.

I paired fleece leggings from Glik’s with my tunic, to keep me extra warm. These leggings are AMAZING, and are a steal. These leggings can also be found in fur – either way, they’ll keep you warm.

For my shoes, I wore a pair of black loafers from Target. Similar loafers can be found here, and here.

With my outfit, I chose a pair of neutral leather Nickle & Suede earrings in Lip Gloss.

One new accessory I just got in the mail a few days ago, is this pair of clear eyeglasses. I used EyeBuyDirect to order two pair of frames with my eyeglasses prescription. I’m totally into the “trend” of clear eyeglasses, and found EyeBuyDirect as a cool, and affordable way to have multiple pair of eyeglasses! For more details on EyeBuyDirect, check out this referral link, here.

Lastly, I wore one of my favorite lipsticks, NYX’s liquid suede cream lipstick in soft-spoken.

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