Everyday Outfits May 8, 2017

Coral and Kimonos

To begin, I chose a floral kimono I bought from Target a few months back. I have worn this kimono a few times, but haven’t had a chance to document it. I love these kimono cardigans! They are super cute, and super comfortable. I love floral prints, as well. Similar kimono cardigans can be found here, and here.

Underneath the kimono, I chose a loose sleeveless tunic from Amazon.com. The brand of the tunic is Alexander + David, or A+D. I have multiple items from them, and love them all!

I paired my tunic and kimono with a pair of faux leather leggings. I purchased these leggings from Nordstrom, after quite a search. I initially saw these particular leggings on Ali Luvs. They were super affordable, and I loved seeing someone else where them. I made sure to read the reviews and sizing, since you never know the fit with faux leather. They came and fit extremely well. I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for faux leather leggings, but also wanted them to look good. Similar leggings can be found here, and here.

To match the coral in my kimono, I chose Nickel and Suede’s medium leather earrings in Coral Mosaic.

Lastly, I chose a neutral color for my lipstick. Today I chose Kylie Cosmetics in Candy K.

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