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And Here We Are Four Years Later

Four years ago, today, I decided to start a fashion blog. FOUR YEARS AGO! It is crazy how long I’ve had the blog, how much has happened in those four years, and all the changes I can see.

I love looking back to see how my style has changed throughout the last four years. I took the photo on the left four years ago, and created my website and wrote my first post.

I didn’t have a tripod.

I didn’t have an Echo Look (not even sure that was around in 2016).

And my phone quality is not what it is now.

I absolutely love seeing where I started. Was it to the quality of a professional — no — but it’s where I was at. Am I at a professional level in 2020 — no — but I’ve definitely learned a few things over the years (aka — lighting and angles.

Throughout the Years


I started my blog when I was 22 years old. At the time I had started my first job post graduation with my Bachelor of Social Work, the previous summer. I started dressing professional. I had the opportunity to buy a lot of new items in my closet that I really hadn’t needed before July 2015.

I used Pinterest as great inspiration, which lead to compliments on my outfits and my old supervisor suggesting I start a blog post. I’ve always loved fashion, which I talked about in a blog post describing my interest in design and fashion.

I created a wix website on February 29, 2016 – looking back, this just seems so like me to start something on a day that does not happen EVERY YEAR!

I didn’t share with the world that I had a blog until August 2016.

I wrote a blog post every week day, with all my outfits. And I love being able to look back!

In 2016 I had to put down my childhood pet. It’s so weird to think it has been almost four years since I said goodbye to Lady. I think of her often. She was such a great pet, and I know she’s in heaven with my grandparents and other loved ones.


Looking back now, it is crazy to think of 2017. I had turned 24. Started graduate school for my Master of Social Work. Changed my format to weekly blog posts. Lost a thumb nail. Said goodbye to my last living grandparent. Witnessed my sister fall in love and get engaged. Saw a close friend get engaged.

Reflecting on past posts, I see that what my style is now is more defined in my outfits starting in 2017.


I kept up my weekly blog posts (sometimes needing to do two weeks at once cause of my busy schedule). Started my internship for my Master of Social Work. Was a bridesmaid in my friend Sarah’s wedding. Maid of Honor in my sister’s wedding. Got less sleep that I’d like to remember.


2019 was a BIG year. Visited my friend in Texas. I finished up my internship. Graduated with my Master of Social Work. Traveled throughout Europe with EF Ultimate Break. Got a new job WITH my MSW. Moved into my own apartment, and found out I was going to be a human aunt!


I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of 2020. I started out the year with a vision in mind. I am going to become an aunt, and have numerous trips planned.


To be honest, I didn’t follow a lot of fashion bloggers on Instagram until after I started my fashion blog in 2016, but over the years I have found them one way or another and continue to follow along on their journeys. Prior to 2017, I would say most of my influence came from Pinterest. If I have an idea of something that I want to wear, I’ll usually start with Pinterest that will ignite an outfit!

Since following numerous bloggers on Instagram I know that I’ve pinned some of their outfits years before I started my blog four years ago, while coming across old pins on Pinterest.

Jess Keys – The Golden Girl

I’ve followed Jess for close to 3 years now. I have NO IDEA how I found her blog/Instagram, but she is one of the top influencers that I go to for ideas and inspiration. She is so outgoing and great at responding! I honestly feel she is a friend and I know her (props to her)!

Kelly Larkin – Kelly in the City

I’m pretty sure I followed Kelly after following Jess in the summer of 2017. Although I would not say my style is completely like her, she has lots of basic staples that are nice to see. Her kids are so adorable, and I’ve seen her oldest grow up since before she was one.

Kilee Nickels – One Little Momma

My sister introduced me to Nickel and Suede earrings back in 2016, as she gave me a pair for Christmas that year. I literally wear them a majority of the time, and can be seen in practically every blog post! I have well over 50 earrings, and once you start buying, they are addictive! My collection is below (I have added a few since this photos was taken)!

Shaheen Khan – Lows to Luxe

I started following Shaheen due to Jess Keys and Kelly Larkin. She used to live in Chicago, where Jess and Kelly live. I love that she still works and does her blog!

Blair Staky – The Fox & She

Blair, like Shaheen, is friends with Jess Keys and Kelly Larkin, and lives in Chicago. Her sense of style is similar to the others, and I feel I can’t follow one without the other.

Carly Heitlinger – Carly the Prepster

I’m pretty sure I found Carly’s profile through Kelly Larkin. I love her preppy looks and feel I somehow look like her, or at times looks like my sister.

Rachel Martino

I’ve been following Rachel for well over a year. Love all of her adventures and her love for Paris. She does so many different recreations and showcases her edits, which are AMAZING.

Noelle Downing – Noelle’s Favorite Things

Noelle is friends with Rachel Martino. I love following Noelle because I feel I can resonate with her body type. So much body positivity comes from her posts, I love seeing them all!

Christine Andrew – Hello Fashion Blog

I somehow found Christine well over a year ago. I love her style and she has great casual but chic looks. I know there are some of her pins from years ago on my Pinterest fashion board.

Rachel Parcell

I’ve been following Rachel for close to two years now. She has her own clothing line. I love a lot of the items she creates and designs.

Courtney Shields

Courtney has some great outfits I appreicate and beauty tips. I recently started following her within the last year.

Julia Engel – Gal Meets Glam

I’ve been following Julia for a little over a year now. She also designs clothes. I love so many of her designs. They are so feminine with floral and ruffles.

I enjoy doing this for fun. I love being able to share with people tips on how to style, but also find reasonable priced items. In addition to being able to share with people fashion, some beauty, and hopefully more home decor, I love how this is a diary for myself. I was able to reminisce about the past four years — and have LOVED every minute!

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