Bedroom My Apartment May 1, 2020




My bed frame is from Wayfair. I had been looking for a metal frame for a while, and once I found this specific bed frame, I knew it was the one I needed. I’ve always wanted a bed frame with a foot board, and ties everything together!

My bedding is a few years old, but I love the white look. It is so easy to find white comforters, there are a variety of options with different decorative components. I love neutrals, and tied in gray and natural beige/tan colors. It is very easy to add pops of colors if needed with decorative pillows.

I love the look of plants, and it ties so well together with the aesthetic. Most of the items on my plant shelves are from IKEA. I had the idea of this before a trip to IKEA, and it made it easy to pick them up and create the look.

My dressers and night stands are exactly what I was looking for. A perfect mid century modern addition to my bedroom.

I love this mirror from IKEA that I am able to use as an additional jewelry holder, in addition to the jewelry stand that holds my Nickel and Suede earrings.

As I write this, my “clothes chair” is currently my office chair in my dining room, but I wanted a chair in my bedroom that I can put an outfit on, or where I can put on shoes. I luckily found it on sale!

Lastly, I have a necklace jewelry organizer.

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