Outfit Ideas Shopping September 20, 2022

Old Navy Fall Pieces

It’s Been a Minute

Well it’s been about a year since I took “blog photos.” To be fair, I have felt exhausted, burnt out, and not motivated when it came to the blog. Whether that was not looking “decent” most of the time, or not having the energy to get out the tripod. I’ve been wanting to just find pieces to add to a post that I would wear, but that even felt daunting. But I think I’m feeling like I have some energy, so we’ll start with this.

Life Updates

Since it really has been a while, a new life update is I adopted a dog! Her name is Penny Lane, and she is my pride and joy. On top of not feeling “blog photos,” I also had been extremely busy with taking care of my new pup!

Clothing Pieces

Here are some Fall clothes from Old Navy that, if I could, I would add into my closet. I love a good neutral, but like some hints of color.

Basic Tops

As the last year has passed, I have become accustomed to neutral pieces. They’re my go to and you can’t go wrong with basic pieces in neutral colors.

Whether it is a turtleneck, short sleeve, tank, bodysuit, etc. You’ll grab these, especially as cool weather approaches.


Whether a button down or pullover is in your closet, they can be a staple.

A crisp white button down. Striped button down, or blouse. A puffy sleeve piece, or flannel. All perfect for Fall.


I’ve been obsessed with quarter zips or buttons over the past year, especially when there is a good collar. When it comes to adding color to my closet, I’ll simply add green and red (not together, not Christmas related), because I look well in them. If you want mostly neutral, and a few colors, make sure it’s a color you’ll be complimented on a lot.


A simple piece to either dress up or dress down.


Last year I LIVED in shackets, and I don’t see that changing this year. A plaid with neutral colors is a perfect layering piece, but so is a solid color. Sherpa’s are also always cozy.


I love a good shirt dress, whether it is mini, midi, or maxi. They are so comfortable for work, or casual life, and can be great for layering, as well.


I don’t own a lot of jeans, because, to be honest, they can be difficult for me to find. With an apple shaped body, my sizing can be all over the place. I always recommend ordering multiple sizes to find the best fit!

xoxo, Jess

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