Everyday Outfits February 29, 2016

Make Your DREAMS Happen

Hello! My name is Jessica, and I LOVE FASHION! I have been told on numerous occasions, and have thought about starting a blog, many times…so here goes nothing! I have loved fashion and clothes since I was a little girl. I may not have always dressed the way I wanted to (due to being a lazy college student who only wanted to wear leggings and sweatshirts) but, the (way too many) items in my closet have always expressed by idolization of fashion. Well look out world, let the journey begin!

Since this is my first post, I might as well tell you a little bit about myself. I am from Grand Rapids, MI, good ol’ BEER CITY USA. Although I cannot drink beer, due to being gluten intolerant, all of my family and friends can enjoy the wonderful craft beer that I will never have (I’ll stick with wine or better yet, TEQUILA). I have lived in the outskirts of Grand Rapids my whole life, and I love the city! Grand Rapids is big enough that I do not get crazy lost (anymore), but still has a wonderful “city vibe” to it. I work in the heartside

neighborhoodof GR, so I feel that I am in the heart and soul of the city. I am a social worker, who loves to help others that cannot always help themselves. This also means I like to bargain shop, and get the best deal out there. I am 22 years old, and just graduated from Grand Valley State University in the spring of 2015. I have always enjoyed trying on clothes, and creating different outfits. I also like to wear clothes when it is the wrong season (I use to wear bathing suits around the house in the winter when I was a kid).

I have some work and research to do so all of my blogs are not the same. Give me some credit though, because I am about to jump start by fashion blog. I am by no means an expert on fashion, but I have always LOVED putting together different options, but I am going to jump start right into what I wore today! I love mixing patterns! I paired a striped boyfriend tee from Old Navy, that I recently bought for a steal ($5) with a leopard print scarf that I got from Target many years ago. A leopard/cheetah print scarf is an essential in a fashionista’s closet. Scarfs that are similar to the one pictured can be found here, here, and here.

These pants are incredibly comfortable! Although I could not find the exact pair that I am wearing, I found similar joggers from the same store, Old Navy (you are only seeing a glimpse of my obsession with Old Navy). These high waisted joggers, are technically sweat pants/work out apparel, you can easily dress them up with other accessories. I added a brown belt (which incorporated the brown in leopard print scarf) to help pull together my outfit. If you do not have a brown belt in your collection of accessories, I would highly recommend one. You can pick up one here, here or here.

My jacket is from White House Black Market. I found this cropped jacket on clearance last fall, and I could not pass up the deal. This jacket can be perfect for a work outfit or a night out on the town. I try to find pieces that work for multiple settings, that way you get the most out of the item. To tie togehter the complete outfit, I have a pair of loafers. My shoes, which I believe give my outfit a little bit of a professional vibe, are from Target (If you are catching on, I LOVE Old Navy and Target, these stores are my weaknesses). I tied together my whole look with a red lip (I have a weakness for lipstick, as well).

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