Baby, it's Snowy Outside

Do you ever wake up, and not want to go to work because it is snowy, and there are closings everywhere?!

That was my morning today. I decided to stay comfy and warm with my outfit choice, today. If only I had the ability to work from home today…

To stay comfy and warm, I decided to pair my wonderful (black) fleece leggings from Glik’s with a maroon plaid poncho. I have these fleece leggings in many colors, and I also have fur leggings (which are even softer than the fleece leggings, you could not go wrong with either kind). The fleece or fur leggings are only $6.00 each pair! I do not know about you, but that is a steal, especially when they will keep you warm on a cold and snowy day. I always have issues with my leggings falling down, but I have not had issues with these leggings (which are “one sized”). They are super stretchy, and beyond comfortable!

The poncho that I am wearing is from Charming Charlie’s. I bought the poncho on very stressful day of work in the fall, and needed to do some retail therapy. I had a coupon to Charming Charlie’s, and shopped around the clearance. Although I could not find the exact poncho, I found similar maroon/burgandy plaid poncho’s here, and here.

To complete my look, I added a long, chained necklace. The necklace pictured is also from Charming Charlie’s (the necklace was also purchased during the same retail therapy session in the fall). Although I am not able to find the exact necklace I am wearing, there are numerous options that you could go work. Similar necklaces can be found here, here, and here.

I wore a pair of knee-highblack boots (even though i would have rathered stayed in my wool socks all day long) to top off my look. Similar boots [that were not even seen] can be found here, here, and here.