Everyday Outfits March 3, 2016

Denim, Skirts, and Boots, Oh My!

I can honestly say, I LOVE denim/chambray shirts! I have numerous shirts, in varying colors/patterns. I can wear them with dressy bottoms to make a perfect work outfit, or wear them with leggings to just lounge in (without looking like a complete slob).

The denim shirt that I have on is from Target. I probably went on ten Target trips (I go there WAY too often) and looked at this denim shirt before buying it. I did not have a dark denmin or chambray shirt, and knew this was what I was looking for, but I had to rationalize buying “another” denim shirt. I am very happy that I did splurge and get “another” denim shirt! Similar denim shirts can be found here, here, and here.

I paired the denim shirt with a black a-line skirt from White House Black Market. I bought this skirt while it was on clearence in the fall (I sure do love good bargains, especially from a top notch store). Unfortunately I cannot find the exact skirt, but fortunately a black, a line skirt is something easily to come by. Similar skirts can be found here, here, and here (and I am sure many other places with some research). This knee-length skirt is a very versatile piece of clothing. I have worn numerous tops with it, and each creates a new look! I wore a pair of obaque black tights from Target. For my own comfort, since tights can be very restricting and uncomforable, I buy a pair that are either a size or two larger than what I really “need.” I feel so much better throughout the day.

The boots that I chose for this outfit, i have had for years. I bought them at Target around four years ago. A pair of brown, knee-high boots are always a good choice. I like to mix my neutrls when I can. The brown/black comboination that I wear often makes me feel like I am not just wearing one color (because I probably could wear all black everyday, and be perfectly fine). I like that the brown is light enough that you can see a difference. I feel like this is a key aspect of mixing blacks and browns. Similar boots can be found here, here, and here.

I added a brown belt (which incorporated the brown in from the boots) to help pull together my outfit. If you do not have a brown belt in your collection of accessories, I would highly recommend one. You can pick up one here, here or here.

The last accessory (that is not a part of my every day look) is a gold necklace from Target. I just bought this necklace from my latest trip to Target, and I could not wait to wear it! It is super cute, and versitiale. I can wear it with a collared shirt, blouse or dress. I cannot wait to wear it again! Simialar necklaces can be found here, and here.

I also wear a fitbit flex, and try to coordinate the color of my outfit with the changeable wrist band. I will at times wear other accessories around my wrist, in addition to the fitbit, but I would rather focus on necklaces or earrings as accessories. I find extra (colorful) wristbands from Amazon.com.

The lip color that I am wearing is called Super Strawberry, and it is a moisturizing lip balm, “cubby stick” from Clinique.

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