Everyday Outfits March 4, 2016

My Floral Obsession

I wear A LOT of skirts and dresses, so the day that I wear pants to work is pretty shocking. I do not mind pants, but skirts and dresses make me feel “fancy.”

I paired a cream sweater from Old Navy with Pixie pants from Old Navy, as well as a patterned scarf from H&M. This sweater, is one of the softest sweaters that i own, and I love to wear it. Similar sweaters can be found here, here, and here.

I have the Pixie pants from Old Navy in multiple colors! They are seriously the most comfortable pants, ever! If I didn’t like skirts and dresses so much, I would wear them every day (in different colors, of course).

The floral scarf I have on, is from H&M, that I bought for $5. It was a steal, but it also means it was on sale, and no longer available to buy. Similar scarves can be found here, and here. I am OBSESSED with floral prints, I have multiple shirts, dresses, and scarves that are floral print!

For my shoes, today, I chose a staple fix, nude flats, from Target. I wear these shoes probably 50% of the time. These are, by far, my go to shoes for everything. Everything goes with nude flats, unless it is snowing or too hot not to wear sandles, I will wear my nude flats.

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