Everyday Outfits March 4, 2016

Casual Friyay!

To be honest, I have worn this outfit to work on a day that was not Friday, but compared to my other outfits, I do find this outift more casual.

For my Friday best, I wore a medium wash denim dress (with pockets), from Target. The dress does come with a brown belt (so, hey, if you need a brown belt [which I happen to wear a lot] and don’t want to buy it separate, find a dress that comes with one), but I chose not to wear the belt, today. Some days I am feeling a belt, some days I am not. Belts, I feel, can create a “fancier” look. No belt = more casual. I do love this denim dress because it is knee lenght, I feel that I can (and do) wear it to work. Similar denim dresses can be found here, here, and here.

I paired black fur leggings from Glik’s with my denim dress. Since it was snowy, and cold, I wanted my legs to stay warm (even while wearing a dress). If you did not see my previous post on these fabulous leggings, they are $6, they are fur, and beyond comfortable! They are offered in different colors, as well as fleece.

Besides by black, ankle boots (similar product here, here, and here), I wore a floral green scarf, from Target, to complete my outfit. I LOVE the color of this scarf! Jewel tones are my favorite, this green (with samll, black flowers) can be paired with multiple outfits, and patterns.

To cap everything, I chose a bright pink balm.

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