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Stitch Fix is a wonderful fashion tool that allows a stylist to send someone clothes that are tailored to your taste and lifestyle. On their website, they describe Stitch Fix as: “For busy women on the go, Stitch Fix is the personal styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day.”

I have received 6 “fixes,” and have absolutely loved my last 2 fixes. They fit my style ‘to a tee.’

Here is a little background on what Stitch Fix is about. An individual will sign up for the website. If someone referred you, they usually have a referral link (and $25 styling credit will be applied to the person who referred), and my referral link can be found here. After the initial sign up, a style profile can be filled out, and this is where someone can indicate how they like their clothes to fit, the styles they prefer, what type of career they have, etc. This can be filled out to help the personal stylist find pieces that someone will love. A pinterest board can be linked to the style profile, as well has written comments to what someone likes (patterns, fits, styles, etc.). Once the style profile is complete, then an individual can sign up for a date they would like their fix to be delivered. I tend to schedule my fixes around certain events or seasons.

For payments: $20.00 is the initial payment, this is so Stitch Fix can ship the clothes. Once someone receives their fix, $20.00 will be taken off their fix (so really you are not paying what-so-ever in shipping). This is an incentive to keep at least 1 of the 5 articles delivered in the fix. 5 articles of clothing and/or accessories will be shipped in the fix, if you keep all 5 items, the initial $20.00 will be removed from the checkout, but also 25% will be taken off. The last two times that I received my fixes, I have kept all 5 items, because I loved at least 4 of the articles.

I absolutely LOVE stitch fix, and I highly reccommend it!

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