Everyday Outfits March 29, 2016

When It's Your Birthday

Today was my 23rd birthday. I have wonderful co-workers who decorated my desk with the theme of the Detroit Tigers. I LOVE the Tigers, and baseball, and my co-workers know me well.

It was a beautiful day out, and I really didn’t need a coat (which is awesome). I chose to wear a black, floral kimono from Target as my focal point of the outfit. I feel it is important to find a focal point when it comes to an outfit. Although I do like to mix patterns on occasion, it is nice to have a singular focus to an outfit. Similar kimono’s can be found here, here, and here. I like kimono’s because they can be versatile. This outfit (minus the fur leggings and exchange for regular leggings) could be worn in the summer. The kimono could be worn with shorts, or a long sleeve shirt, creating outfits for summer and winter.

For the rest of my clothing, I wore all black. I wore my wonderful fur leggings from Glik’s with a short sleeve, long, tank top from Amazon.com. Although I wore super comfortable clothing, I still felt this assemble was fashionable. Similar tank tops can be found here and here.

Today, I chose to pair black, calf, boots, because I went to a concert, and wanted comfortable shoes, for an extended period of time. There are multiple shoe options that could be done with this outfit. I originally was going to wear ankle booties with this outfit. Similar calf boots can be found here and here.

For my accessories, I paired 3 different lengths of necklaces to top off the outfit.

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