Everyday Outfits May 3, 2016

Mix and Match

Although I like to match often, I like to play around with patterns, as well. I also try to plan by outfits ahead of time (look at the weather, what I haven’t worn in awhile, etc.). The keyword is try. I tend to think about outfits, and may have some idea, but when i put that outfit on the next morning, I find reasons to why I don’t want to wear the outfit. I also am not the greatest at looking at the weather (specifically what shoes I wear), but I try!

I had an entirely different outfit in my mind for today…put it on, and I just wasn’t feeling it…one of these days I’ll wear that outfit…eventually I put on my black, stretchy, pencil skirt from H&M.

It was a bit of a chilly morning, so i decided to wear my striped, thin, sweater from H&M for the top portion of my outfit. Similar sweaters can be found here, here, and here. I do love this sweater, it is light enough that I have worn it with shorts, on a summer night, or with fleece leggings in the middle of the winter.

With the striped sweater, I decided I wanted to mix patterns. Since I wore my green floral scarf last Friday, I decided to wear my cheetah print scarf that I bought from Target years ago (Similar scarfs can be found here, and here), as well as my cheetah print flats, that are also from Target, and also purchased years ago (they are falling apart, but are super comfortable). Similar shoes can be found here, and here.

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