Everyday Outfits May 5, 2016

When in Doubt, go for Comfortable

I don’t think I could ever stress this enough, but you should ALWAYS feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are not comfortable, you will have a miserable day….well sometimes fashion is pain, but fashion can also be comfortable.

First off, wearing clothes that fit is the first step to comfort, but also, sometimes wearing just super comfortable clothes is also the answer.

I decided to wear a pair of black joggers from Old Navy. It was a rainy day, today, and I wanted to be able to sit at my desk, and visit my clients, and I did not want to think “Ugh, it’s an awful day, outside…AND…ugh, why did I decide to wear this, it is so uncomfortable.” Similar joggers can be found here, and here. Joggers are AWESOME! They can be “dressed up” or “dressed down,” and either way works.

I had a more difficult time deciding what to wear on the top half of my body. It was certainly going to rain all day, according to the forecast. I had thoughts of wearing my waterproof trench coat, but I just had an itch to wear my handy, dandy, jean jacket. Jean jackets are the best thing, I will be sad if they ever go out of style…or I’ll just continue wearing them to make sure they stay in style. Similar jean jackets can be found here, here, and here.

Since I decided on wearing my jean jacket, I chose to wear a flowy, black tank from Amazon.com, tucked into my joggers. Not that the tank is super high quality (I would say it is decent quality), but it is super comfortable, and reasonably priced.

I wore a layered necklace from Charming Charlie, similar necklaces can be found here. To add a little bit of color, I wore floral Toms. Similar Toms can be found here. As for my lips, I am wearing for the color, Too Faced’s Lip Injection Color Bomb! Never Enough Nude, with a Lip Injection plumping gloss.

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