Bring On The Tights Tips

Tight season is upon us my friends!

I love tights because

1) I don’t necessarily have to shave my legs and wear a dress

2) They CAN be comfortable

3) They make summer dresses/skirts into fall/winter outfits

A lot of people dread tights because they are a pain in the dupa (bringing on the Polish for you guys). This is true, they can be. If they are too tight, or when you poke a finger nail through them and you have a huge run….those instances are not fun, but I’ve got some tips for you!

First off, if you have a problem with tights that are well, too tight, BUY A LARGER SIZE. You heard me, buy a larger size. Who said you actually had to wear a small, or medium. Get the XL, you stomach will thank you later.

Secondly, if you poke your finger through your tights (I’ve done this too many times to count), catch it as soon as possible, and put some clear nail polish along the tears. If the tear is small enough (or around my toes), I will continue to wear the tights, because, why not?! I’ll probably get a tear in the next pair anyways.

Dress: Amazon (Similar here, and here)

Boots: Younkers (Similar here, and here)

Scarf: Target (Similar here, and here)

Tights: Target

Lipstick: L’Oreal Paris