Everyday Outfits November 2, 2016


This week I have been all about my neutrals (grey, black, navy, etc.). Today, I chose grey and black, and had a hint of light pink to bring a slight color to my outfit.

For my outfit, I decided to war a gray peplum, knit, sweater that I purchased from is from Cupshe, but I was able to purchase it through Amazon Prime. I had originally seen the sweater on Pinterest, saved it, and it kept popping up on my timeline. I found it on Amazon Prime early in October, where I could get free shipping. I’ve purchased items from Cupshe before, and knew that items from there could be of great quality. Reading reviews is also beneficial for looking into buying items online. Similar sweaters can be found here, and here.

With my sweater, I chose to wear a pair of black pants, from Target. They are basically leggings, but are very thick, have a zipper, so definitely work appropriate! Similar pants can be found here, and here.

With my outfit, I wore a pair of black, pointed toe, cut out, flats from Target. Similar shoes can be found here, and here.

For the pop of color, I chose a blush pink wristlet from Coach. Similar wristlet’s can be found here, and here. My lipstick today is Revlon’s ColorStay Overtime Lip Color in Unlimited Mulberry.

I am loving my new statement necklace from JustFab (see this past blog post for more details)! The over sized floral necklace, “In Bloom,” brings a bold, yet subtle statement to my outfit. I have been able to wear the necklace with multiple outfits, and cannot wait to get more use out of my statement necklace in the future! This statement necklace, that has gray tones, ties this black monochromatic look together.

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