Everyday Outfits November 3, 2016

Tired = Repeat

Alright folks, I usually do not repeat outfits so quickly, but I was pretty tired this morning. I stayed up last night to watch Game 7 of the World Series. It was a great game, and I was so amped up that I could not fall asleep last night. So when i woke up this morning, I wanted something comfortable. I had done laundry, and had yet to put my white blouse away, so I put it on, and repeated my outfit from October 24th. The only differences are that I wore actual black leggings, did not tuck in my shirt, and chose a pink lipstick, instead of a maroon lipstick. For more details on my outfit, check out that blog post here.

Blouse: JustFab

Leggings: Target

Shoes: Target (similar: here, and here)

Necklace: JustFab

Lipstick: NYX

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