Everyday Outfits December 2, 2016

70's Vibe

So, I love patterns. I always have, and I probably always will. Bohemian decor, clothes, etc., I’m all about that. My own mother, since I was young, always said when I came across this flowy, patterned article of clothing, mentioned, “that’s your style,” mostly indicating she would never wear it, but it was something I could pull off.

This particular blouse, that I recently purchased from Target, gave me that bohemian vibe, as well as something that would have been worn in the 1970’s (I asked my mother, and she said, “oh yeah”). I’ve been watching This Is Us recently (and everyone else should watch it too, it’s AMAZING, Tuesday’s on NBC at 9pm – you can catch up online), which has these 1970’s vibes. Similar blouses can be found here, and here.

With my bohemian blouse, I wore a pair of skinny jeans from H&M. These jeans are ONLY $9.99! I have these jeans in regular waist, and high, and I love them! They are my favorite pair of jeans, good quality, and a nice color. Similar jeans can be found here, and here.

With my jeans, that I rolled up, I wore a pair of cognac booties from Target. Similar booties can be found here, and here.

For my accessories, I chose a pair of large dangling gold earrings from Premier Designs. For similar earrings, they can be found here, and here.

Lastly, for my lipstick, I chose a light, neutral color to pair with my outfit. I chose Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick in ‘Honeymoon.’

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