Everyday Outfits December 5, 2016

Planning Ahead

I had a busy Monday morning at work. I had to wake up early, and prepare for a few meetings I had scheduled with clients. Due to my business, I made sure I planned ahead, and decided what I wanted to wear last night. I plan ahead often (sometimes changing my mind in the morning, and then thinking why did I plan ahead – I wasted time) to try and time manage to the best of my ability.

For my often today, I decided to wear a new sweater I got on Saturday. I had ordered this over sized, brown, knit sweater from Amazon a few weeks ago (it was not Prime eligible), and almost had forgotten about it, due to all my recent Black Friday purchases. It definitely feels like winter (thank the snow for that) now, and over sized sweaters are perfect for this chilly weather. I love the color of the sweater (and sought after a sweater of this color after saving multiple pins on Pinterest), and will be able to wear it often during these cooler months. Similar sweaters here, and here.

Under my over sized sweater, I chose a navy gingham boyfriend button up from Old Navy. Navy and cognac, or camel, is a great color combination, which is the reason why I chose to pair this particular button up with my sweater. I like the fact that the button up is also somewhat over sized, due to a boyfriend cut blouse, because it flows well with the over sized sweater. Similar gingham button ups can be found here, and here.

I chose to wear a pair of navy Pixie pants from Old Navy with my over sized sweater and boyfriend button up. I love the Pixie pants. They are so comfortable, and I love the skinny pant leg. Similar pants can be found here, and here.

With my outfit, I wore a pair of cognac booties from Target. Similar booties can be found here, and here.

For my accessories, I chose a pair of gold drop earrings from Target, that I’ve had for years. Similar earrings can be found here, and here. I paired my gold Fitbit wristband to compliment my outfit.

Lastly, I chose Too Faced’s LA CRÈME lipstick in ‘Honeybear‘.

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