Living Room My Apartment April 9, 2020

Living Room and Dining Room


For my furniture I wanted some that would stand the test of time.

  1. Be versatile
  2. Neutral colors
  3. Modern/Mid-century modern

To be honest I wanted a white couch. I love the look of white couches – however, I was being realistic and KNEW that a which couch – with me as an eater – would NOT be beneficial to my anxiety or desire to clean stains.

I eventually did go with an ivory accent armchair – but it’s not a chair I sit in often, and will definitely say to guests that that chair is off limits for eating/I will sit there.

I also have numerous pillow covers that I can change out to create a new atmosphere. IKEA and Amazon have great options.

I love the idea of a gallery wall, and chose to do gallery picture ledges. I’ve had this idea for quite a while. I love that I could change out the frames, put different items on the ledges, or add additional small details.

For picture frames, I chose to gather various sizes and colors. I chose black, white, and brass/gold, since they tied into other components of my palate I had chosen. I chose frames from Ikea, Target, and World Market. I tried to find as many of the frames as possible and link them above, but find different sizes and colors was the main priority for a gallery picture ledge.

I love plants. Love the look of plants. But, I kill them so easily. Even succulents. I’ve found numerous fake plants from Target, IKEA, Michael’s, so many. I also love gold accents to go with my theme.

I love how I was able to decorate my bookshelf. The bottom section has all the stuff that isn’t “pretty,” and the shelves are all full. I love that I was able to add my collection of The Magnolia Journal, Harry Potter illustrated collection, and other books I enjoy.

I love that I live on an end unit because I have extra windows, and extra space in my living space. So much that I don’t even have my dining table under the light, I brought it further into the living space and make my space roomy.

I tied in some photos I took in Europe last year.

I also took these photos and started the blog post before COVID-19, so currently my kitchen table is being taken over by my desktop monitor, laptop, and other work items.

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